Harry’s Stride With Pride

  • Creative Direction
  • Motion
  • Pride

Shooters: Wenting Deng (Adrienne), Simon Harris (Jamie), Matthew Alvero (all others)

Editors: Luke Rathborne (Adrienne), Simon Harris (Jamie), Matthew Alvero (All others)

Animator: Zack Antell

Producer: Jenita Spirtovic

Madwell creatives: ACD Micky, CW Charity, Designers Ryan Kurz and Conor, Development Kirby and Mike

Illustrator: Zipeng Zhu

Starfish is beaming with pride to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Harry’s on their annual Stride With Pride campaign. Starfish celebrated the stories and journeys of artists, activists and leaders within the LGBTQIA+ community in the US and abroad, through a series of interview videos and animations highlighting the places that shaped their Pride journeys and stories. 

Ball of Confusion

  • Creative Direction
  • Motion
  • Revolution

Client: Bankrobber

Editor: Cody Joel

Animation: Scotty Nolan

Artwork: Sajjad Musa

Music: The Temptations ‘Ball of Confusion’ A Bankrobber Remix

Our Sibling agency, Bankrobber, put together a remix of this psychedelic soul classic that, 50 years later, eerily reflects both the growing unrest and the painful uncertainty of our times. We worked closely with Bankrobber and our team of creatives to put together this visual presentation of our times and the time of the original song’s release. Round and around and around we go.

Two women modeling Industry Standard clothiing

Industry Standard

  • Creative Direction
  • Photography
  • Serenity

Client: Industry Standard

Agency: Starfish

Photographer: Chris Talamo

Producer: Jenita Spirtovic

In the era of fast fashion, Industry Standard sticks to a simple recipe of quality fabrics, flattering fits, and fair prices. The aspirational American-made brand needed assets that made their clothes look as light and comfy as they feel. 

Starfish devised a clean, no-frills creative direction for the shoot, setting Industry Standard’s classic cuts against stark, brutalist modern backgrounds. The result is a suite of shots that make the clothes sing and capture that feeling of putting on your favorite jeans.

Woman pulling an Industry Standard sweater over her head
Industry Standard clothing hanging from a clothing line
Women modeling Industry Standard clothing from afar
New York
A picnic with The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet

  • Creative Direction
  • Photography
  • Uisge-beatha

Client: The Glenlivet

Agency: Madwell

Photographer: Chris Talamo

The Glenlivet is one of the oldest scotch brands out there, but even they were losing ground to the booming bourbon (scotch’s more accessible, mixable cousin). 

Starfish set out to help them recapture the interest of the craft brew crowd through a modern lifestyle shoot and appetizing cocktail shots captured with a custom lighting style capable of showing off the storied scotch’s true colors.

The Glenlivet being poured at a casual get together
Madura & Blackberries
A woman smiles as she is poured a glass of Glenlivet
The Highball