We are creators

We take pictures. We make films. We tell stories. We have many arms.

  • Creative Development
  • Production (Video and Photo)
  • Post-Production
  • Music Licensing
We love making stuff. And we love working with other creative types who also love making stuff. Because the truth is creativity is a team sport. And at Starfish, everything starts with a core team of quick-thinking creative collaborators.

Meet the Fishes

  • Chris Sojka Starfish Profile Photo

    Founder and Chief Creative Officer

    While doing SEO marketing in Midtown, Chris began to suspect there was more to advertising than just keywords. So he quit, high-tailed it to Bushwick, and founded his own agency. A decade later, he’s using his photographer’s eye and creative director’s brain to help steer the good ship Starfish.

  • Sean Holland Portrait Image

    Managing Director

    Sean has long believed that making quality creative always comes down to the craft. That notion has fueled nearly every facet of his life, from an extended stint in the music biz to the simple act of imbibing malt beverages. Now, he uses that same spirit to inspire clients and colleagues alike to pursue their creative vision to the fullest. 

  • Jenita Profile Picture

    Executive Producer

    If you’re trying to think of something Jenita can’t do, you’re wasting your time. Crushing Janis Joplin tunes at karaoke? Obviously. Social media sketch comedy? Please. Writing and acting in her own stage plays? Now you’re getting it. The point is she knows creative talent when she sees it, knows how to put it to work, and knows how to get it all delivered on time.

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