Harry’s Stride With Pride

  • Creative Direction
  • Motion
  • Pride

Shooters: Wenting Deng (Adrienne), Simon Harris (Jamie), Matthew Alvero (all others)

Editors: Luke Rathborne (Adrienne), Simon Harris (Jamie), Matthew Alvero (All others)

Animator: Zack Antell

Producer: Jenita Spirtovic

Madwell creatives: ACD Micky, CW Charity, Designers Ryan Kurz and Conor, Development Kirby and Mike

Illustrator: Zipeng Zhu

Starfish is beaming with pride to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Harry’s on their annual Stride With Pride campaign. Starfish celebrated the stories and journeys of artists, activists and leaders within the LGBTQIA+ community in the US and abroad, through a series of interview videos and animations highlighting the places that shaped their Pride journeys and stories.